Coherent acquires Lumera Laser to expand ultrafast products

by:Caodahai     2021-09-25
Coherent recently acquired Lumera Laser, a privately held company, for approximately US$52 million in cash to further expand its ultrafast laser product portfolio. It is reported that the price is approximately 1.5 times Lumera's 2012 estimated annual income. Lumera Laser is committed to developing and manufacturing picosecond lasers for cold ablation micromachining, which can remove materials without thermal influence, thereby avoiding the negative effects of burrs and micro-cracks caused by traditional laser cutting methods. At the same time, expensive subsequent processing steps are eliminated. Lumera’s Rapid series picosecond lasers are mainly used for various applications such as laser drilling and surface modification, such as the micromachining of semiconductors and solar cells, the cutting and separation of LED chips, and the processing of material surfaces to reduce friction and fragile materials. Processing, such as glass and semiconductor substrates.   Coherent President and CEO John Ambroseo said: 'The acquisition of Lumera Laser will make us more committed to the fast-growing short-pulse micro-processing market and non-industrial applications, such as ophthalmic surgery.' 'Combining Lumera's application expertise with a relevant global sales and service network will bring customers a wide range of ultra-fast industrial solutions options.' Coherent Executive Vice President Mark Sobey pointed out. At present, the two companies have installed a total of more than 500 industrial picosecond laser systems.  Coherent also acquired Innolight and midaz in early November this year. Innolight is committed to providing short-pulse lasers for industrial applications such as silicon processing, and continuous wave lasers for scientific research applications such as atom trapping. Midaz's technology can realize simple amplifiers that can be combined with a wide range of laser products. Coherent brings these two companies under its command to provide commercial low-cost sub-nanosecond pulsed lasers (IR, green and UV), which are mainly used in the field of microelectronics manufacturing.   This transaction also shows a development trend in the current laser industry: larger companies are starting to increase their ultrafast laser product portfolio. Patrick Newton of market research firm Stifel Nicolaus pointed out in a recent research report that given Coherent's cash situation, the company is interested in acquiring relevant IP through mergers and acquisitions and expanding its market coverage, such as the material processing market. Similarly, IPG recently acquired JPSA to further enter the field of microfabrication and picosecond lasers. (The above is edited and compiled from the network by the laser cutting machine)
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