CNC laser cutting machine will appear in my country's shipbuilding industry

by:Caodahai     2021-09-05
First, lasers have been used for cutting for nearly 30 years. During this period, in order to meet the growth of market demand, the mode and power of laser generators have been continuously improved and improved, and the laser cutting technology for medium and thick plates has become increasingly sophisticated.  Many shipbuilders in the United States, Europe and Japan have long used high-power CO2 laser cutting machine technology for shipbuilding and have achieved success. Second, in recent years, the term 'precision shipbuilding has been familiar. To truly achieve this, from the point of view of CNC cutting alone, the current domestic shipyard equipment obviously does not meet the technical requirements, and people's attention is naturally directed to cutting accuracy. Higher laser cutting will undoubtedly become the driving force for the CNC laser cutting machine to enter China’s shipbuilding industry.    Third, the rapid development of photoelectric technology has greatly reduced the operating cost (yuan/kW) of laser cutting. The fierce market competition for the first opportunity will inevitably drive the price of laser cutting machines to fall, and eventually make them compete with CNC plasma cutting machines in terms of comprehensive economic benefits, and are gradually recognized and accepted by the shipbuilding industry in China.   According to practice, Carbon steel laser cutting machines usually use auxiliary oxygen to speed up the cutting speed and obtain high-quality cutting results, but this is generally only suitable for cutting carbon steel plates with a thickness less than 20mm. In addition, more than a year ago in Alabama, the United States 'Render Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. A new cutting process combining laser and (pressurized) oxygen is used to cut 50mm thick steel plates, and the power of the CO2 laser system used for cutting is less than 2kW. This cutting method has the potential to cut 100mm thick steel plates. . The working principle of this process technology called 'LASOX is that the laser beam directly passes through the center hole of the cutting nozzle at the front of the cutting torch and is projected on the steel plate, so that the steel plate is quickly heated to the ignition temperature, and the high-speed oxygen sprayed from the cutting nozzle The flow is just sprayed in the laser beam's focusing range, which oxidizes and burns this part of the steel plate at high temperature, and blows the molten metal and its oxide away from the steel plate to form a slit. The cutting torch moves relative to the steel plate with the CNC cutting bed to complete the process. The cutting of parts. Unlike oxygen-gas cutting, there is no gas involved in the preheating reaction, but the laser will heat the temperature of the projection area to over 900°C within 1 to 2 seconds. In fact, in order to achieve the expected oxidation reaction Efficiency, only requires the power of the laser beam to generate and maintain the ignition temperature, instead of using those high-power laser sources that can generate enough temperature to melt the steel plate. 'The practical result of LASOX is: it can be completed in about 1s. The continuous cutting speed of perforation of 38mm thick steel plate can reach 200 mm/min, and the slit width is only a few millimeters; each steel plate cut can save 40 minutes on average than flame cutting, and the operating cost is more economical; the initial distance between the cutting nozzle and the steel plate increases To 7mm, it is a lot more than the 0.5~2mm of conventional laser cutting, which reduces the loss of cutting nozzle by cutting perforation spatter; the cutting surface quality is good, the heat-affected zone is small, and higher cutting accuracy can be obtained, and many subsequent processing are omitted. What is even more unexpected is that only a special pressurized cutting torch is added, and a conventional laser device can be used to cut 38mm thick steel plates. It can be seen from the above that it provides a successful example and opens a new idea for how to apply laser cutting to the Chinese shipbuilding industry more economically and effectively. We should pay full attention to it, follow up its development trends, and create conditions for related development. Do some attempts to further improve the cutting efficiency of shipyards.
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