Classification of lasers on laser cutting equipment

by:Caodahai     2021-09-16
The core component of laser cutting equipment is the laser. The quality of the laser plays a decisive role in the quality of the equipment. Therefore, in order to focus on the performance of the laser cutting machine, Wuhan High Energy Laser produces the most advanced fiber laser cutting machine in Europe. Fiber laser. In fact, there are many types of lasers, and the performance of each laser is different. Let's introduce Wuhan High Energy Laser to you.  Introduction to solid-state lasers   Solid-state lasers are made by crystals by doping metal ions that can produce stimulated radiation into a crystal or glass matrix to form a luminescent center. It is a single-pulse working mode in terms of time. The 850W solid laser cutting machine developed by Wuhan High Energy Laser is the first solid laser cutting machine with the largest power in China. It has a cost-effective advantage in processing thin plates, and its processing performance and processing effect can reach the top domestic standards. Introduction of gas lasers. Gas lasers use gas as the working substance. Depending on the nature of the working particles that actually produce stimulated emission in the gas, they are further divided into atomic gas lasers, ion gas lasers, molecular gas lasers, and excimer gas lasers. Wait, our more common CO2 laser cutting machine uses a gas laser, which is very effective in cutting thick carbon steel plates, but the cost and maintenance costs are very expensive. Introduction to fiber lasers This refers to lasers that use rare-earth-doped glass fibers as gain media. Fiber lasers can be developed on the basis of fiber amplifiers: high power density is easily formed in the fiber under the action of pump light, which causes the laser to work The laser energy level of the substance is inverted, and when the positive feedback loop (to form a resonant cavity) is properly added, the laser oscillation output can be formed. The corresponding fiber laser cutting machine can process thin metal plates very fast, saving time and effort. The mainstream equipment developed in the future.    Wuhan High Energy Laser is committed to the development and manufacturing of metal laser cutting machines. It has many years of experience. The selection and application of lasers are mainly based on equipment performance. Quality is the first priority. Customers' more practical laser cutting equipment http://www.gnlaser.com/?fproducts.
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