Chongyang Belgium deceived: more than 10,000 euros 'natural' diamonds are processed for laser perforation clarity

by:Caodahai     2021-09-07
Last year, Mr. Zhang spent more than 10,000 euros in Belgium to buy a 1.95 carat 'natural diamond, which is accompanied by an EGL certificate, the clarity is VVS, and the color is G.' I heard that foreign diamonds are cheaper than domestic ones. , The level will be higher under the same price, so choose to buy abroad. Mr. Zhang said.   Test result: It is actually a manual drill.   Testing interpretation: After testing, the 1.95 carat diamond has SI clarity and H color, and it has been artificially laser-punched and is not a natural diamond. Laser perforation refers to the use of laser technology to laser perforate diamonds at high temperatures, and then pour chemicals along the channels to dissolve and remove the colored inclusions in the diamonds, and fill them with glass or other colorless and transparent substances, generally with the naked eye You can't see these obvious dark inclusions, which can improve the clarity.  It is not advisable to buy diamonds blindly. According to the statistics of the technical staff of the gem and jade inspection station, since June last year, more than 100 diamonds have been brought back by citizens from abroad. The test results show that about 70% of the diamond grades are 1-2 grades lower than the original grade, so the price difference is about 20%. Judging from past inspections, most of the diamonds bought by citizens abroad are processed diamonds. (The above metal laser cutting machine is edited and compiled from the Internet, see www.gnlaser.com for details)
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