China's 3D printing industrialization analysis and development significance

by:Caodahai     2021-08-19
Recently, in the article 'The Third Industrial Revolution' in the British 'The Economist' magazine, 3D printing technology was regarded as one of the important symbols of the third industrial revolution, which aroused the attention of the world to 3D printing. As a new thing, what is the meaning of 3D printing? What is the significance of developing 3D printing?  3D printing (3D printing) is an emerging technology that is developing rapidly in the manufacturing industry, and is called a manufacturing technology with the significance of the industrial revolution.' 3D printers rely on cutting-edge technologies in multiple disciplines and have been used in aerospace, automotive and motorcycles, home appliances, biomedicine and other fields, and have broad development prospects. The main process of using this technology for production is to apply computer software to design a three-dimensional processing pattern, and then use a specific molding equipment (commonly known as a 3D printeru0026rdquo;) to print layer by layer with solid materials that are liquefied, powdered, and silkized.u0026rdquo ; Out of the product.  3D printing is the main realization form of 'Additive Manufacturing' (Additive Manufacturing). The concept of 'additive manufacturing' is different from traditional 'removal' manufacturing. Traditional CNC manufacturing generally uses cutting, grinding, corrosion, melting and other methods on the basis of raw materials to remove excess parts to obtain parts, and then combine them into final products by methods such as assembling and welding. Additive manufacturing is completely different from it. It can generate objects of any shape by adding materials directly based on computer graphics data without the need for original embryos and molds, simplifying product manufacturing procedures, shortening product development cycles, and improving efficiency. And reduce costs. The main materials and key accessories are raw materials (powders, resins, wires, etc.), laser generators, and control systems. These three parts are of higher added value. The domestic 3D printing is mostly used for assembly machines and molding software. , A large amount of powder materials, which can subvert the traditional casting and mechanical processing; the main foreign manufacturers are 3D System, STRATASYS, eos, they are the entire industry chain, and the gene of play is the entire industry chain. The difference between China and the United States is that China has a huge market potential, but its innovation and technological strength is weak. Materials, information technology, and concepts are not conducive to the development of upstream technology of 3D printing. The development of 3D printing places equal emphasis on industry and consumer products. In the short term, the industrial market is more attractive. There are many 3D printing processes, and the yield rate varies according to different materials and quality requirements. The comparison between 3D printing and traditional manufacturing should be more efficient, complicated, and difficult. At present, the price of 3D printing industrial machines is between US$300,000 and US$1.5 million, while domestic machine tool prices are generally below US$100,000. 3D printers are machines. This industry needs to replace traditional needs and wait until steel prices, labor costs, and energy prices rise sharply. , Competition can only be discussed when the information society is formed; at present, the development trend of medical, education, aerospace, military, automobile and other applications is better.   Some small and medium-sized enterprises have become agents of foreign 3D printing equipment, distributing a complete set of printing equipment, molding software and special materials. Some small and medium-sized enterprises have purchased various types of 3D printing equipment at home and abroad to provide services for the Ru0026D and production of related enterprises. Among them, Guangdong Industrial Design Center, Hangzhou Xianlin Rapid Prototyping Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies have established 3D printing service centers to give full play to the advantages of intensive scientific and technological talents to provide services to domestic and foreign customers and achieve good economic benefits.   At present, some of the technologies in our country are at an advanced level. Among them, the rapid development of laser direct metal processing technology has basically met the mechanical performance requirements of special parts and components, and has been the first to be used in aerospace and aviation equipment manufacturing; at the same time, biological cell 3D printing technology has made significant progress, and it has been able to manufacture three-dimensional simulated biological tissues. It provides key technical support for cutting-edge scientific research in the biological and medical fields of our country.   As for experts, Yan Yongnian of Tsinghua University, Shi Yusheng of China University of Science and Technology, Lu Bingheng of West Jiaotong University, Wang Huaming of Beihang University, and Xu Xiaoshu of Hunan Huashu have different skills, so the ranking is worthless. At present, Wang Huaming and Yan Yongnian are involved in the industrialization of listed companies. China University of Science and Technology once had Shenzhen Venture Capital to intervene, and Xijiao Jiaotong University is relatively weak in capitalization. From the perspective of the entire domestic industrial chain, the technology is basically based on foreign technology. It is researched and developed in domestic universities and industrialized. SLM\SLS\SLA\FDM technology is competitive abroad, but materials and lasers need to be imported, and the profit is relatively thin. , High-end machines and materials are still monopolized by foreign countries, and the domestic market has a global share of 8-10%. 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