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Ball fiber pillow

Ball fiber pillow

We all know that pillows are often filled with buckwheat or silk, but there is a pearl cotton pillow. I wonder if you have heard of it or have some understanding of it? How about a pearl cotton pillow? What are its characteristics? Let's take a look at it together and hope to help you in your healthy life.


Pearl cotton pillow


Pearl cotton pillow? How about pearl cotton pillow?

The pearl cotton filling in the pillow is a three-dimensional crimped hollow fiber processed into a ball-shaped cotton through a special ball-forming technique. The cotton ball has a hollow interior and a large air permeable space, which is more warm and breathable. Moreover, after the product is quilted, it will automatically expand, even if it is machine washed, it will not be deformed. Has a good soundproof and anti-vibration effect.


EPE is a relatively common filler on the market. It is small in size, so it is not easy to agglomerate and its elasticity is good. However, it is necessary to choose a better, evenly sized pearl cotton. The price is higher than other fiber cotton. Therefore, pillows made of pearl cotton are much better than other materials.


Pearl cotton pillow? Is it a pearl cotton pillow?

Developed in the 1960s by the United States Space Agency (NASA) affiliated company, HEALTHMAN, the pearl cotton is an open cell structure with a temperature-sensitive decompression feature. It is a temperature-sensitive decompression material. The so-called warmth senses the induction of body temperature. Decompression is the absorption of body pressure. When the human body touches the material, the material senses the temperature of the human body, gradually becomes softer, and at the same time absorbs the human body pressure, thereby adjusting the human body to the most comfortable posture state. What is shown on mattresses and pillows is that when a person lies on a mattress and a pillow, the spine is an S-shaped natural physiologically curved state when lying on its back, and the spine is not bent when lying on the side. At the same time, mattresses and pillows have no pressing points on the human body. This is the material.


HEALTHMAN's civilian pearl cotton material uses the world's leading molding temperature-reducing technology and applies it to pressure-relieving products. The density of the products is above 150 kg/m3. The density of ordinary memory foam is usually only about 40-50 kg/m3.


Pearl cotton pillow? - The characteristics of pearl cotton pillow

1. Absorb the impact. When it is on the top, it feels like floating on the surface of the water or the cloud. The skin feels like no pressure. It is also called zero pressure. Sometimes we use the usual pillow to suppress the auricle, but use the memory. This is not the case with cotton pillows.


2, according to ergonomic design, memory deformation, automatic shaping ability can fix the skull, reduce the possibility of stiff neck; automatic shaping ability can properly fill the shoulder space, avoid the common problem of air leakage in the shoulder, can effectively prevent cervical problems.


3, anti-bacterial and anti-caries, slow rebound sponge inhibit mold growth, repel the irritating odor caused by mold growth, when there is sweaty saliva, etc., it is more prominent.


4, breathable moisture absorption, because each cell unit is connected to each other, moisture absorption performance is excellent, but also breathable.


At present, there are too many memory cotton products in China, many of which are not formal, and there are almost no real temperature materials. In the world, the pearls developed by NASA are actually used. Cotton brands include: American HEALTHMAN (the world's best brand), Tempur TEMPUR (Danish brand).


What are the characteristics of pearl cotton pillows? After reading the above introduction, I believe that you also have an urge to buy such a pillow for yourself or your family? In fact, we sleep, the pillow used is very important, it is very helpful for our sleep quality and our physical health, so it is best to choose a pillow or choose a pearl cotton pillow.

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