Application status of 3D CNC laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-08-22
In 1979, a 3D five-axis CO2 laser processing machine was born in Prima Industries, Italy. The machine adopts a 3D light guide system, a two-axis workpiece movement form, and is equipped with a CNC control processing parameter teaching system. It is mainly used for cutting Fiat car interior parts. Since the first 3D laser processing machine was put into use, 3D laser processing has been increasingly used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace and other fields. The application status of 3D CNC laser cutting machine. High-power 3D CNC laser cutting technology and CNC equipment represent a higher level of laser processing application technology. It uses six-axis five-linkage to form the spatial motion trajectory of the laser focus and realizes the complex surface thin plate The 3D cutting of such large parts can meet the requirements of fully automatic cutting of complex profiles such as automobile panels, as well as the high speed and high precision of processing.   3D CNC laser cutting machine is mainly used in the automobile manufacturing industry. In the development of prototype cars, world-renowned automobile manufacturing companies generally use laser 3D cutting to replace the traditional blanking process, which not only reduces the number of molds, saves mold design and manufacturing costs, but also greatly shortens the prototype. The development cycle. The development time of new cars has been reduced from the past 2 to 3 years to 10 months or less, which has significantly reduced the cost of new car development. In car body manufacturing, auto manufacturing companies have adopted laser 3D cutting for the production of body panels. Shanghai Tuanjie Prima Laser Equipment Co., Ltd., as a large-scale high-power laser processing machine manufacturer in China, successfully developed the SESAMO-25453D CNC laser cutting machine in 2005; successfully developed the SLCF-XL3090/3D3D CNC laser cutting machine in 2008 machine. These two models have been successfully applied to the high-efficiency laser cutting of complex surface parts such as automobile panels and military special parts.
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