Application of UV laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-09-24
When the UV laser system is used to cut the same material, the heat energy is reduced, resulting in a cold u0026 rdquo; cut (also called cold ablation), forming a nearly stress-free cut, and also forming a cut width of 30 µm and a smooth vertical cutting edge. Reducing the stress applied to the circuit is critical for cutting polyimide and other flexible materials. Due to the low power, ultraviolet laser cutting can try to ensure the integrity of FPC cutting, keeping it clean and straight.  Technology application  UV laser system can cut almost all kinds of circuit materials, regardless of whether they are flexible or not. Common flexible applications include polyimide (such as Kapton), PET materials (such as Akaflex), and composite materials (such as Pyralux). The UV laser system can also process almost all rigid materials in rigid-flexible applications. Common applications include FR4 and other epoxy interlayers, Rogers materials, ceramics, PTFE, aluminum, and copper. The UV laser beam is tapered, which means that the deeper the material, the wider the cut will be. The typical incision width range is 25~50u0026mu;m. The repeat accuracy of the top-level ultraviolet laser system reaches u0026plusmn;4u0026mu;m, which can ensure that the design incision achieves greater accuracy. The speed of UV laser cutting depends on the material being processed. The Kapton application shown in Figure 3 has a cutting speed of 95 mm/s, which is approximately 2 to 3 times faster than the routing method, and at the same time eliminates the harmful stress generated by other flexible cutting methods. Considering the other functions of the UV laser cutting system, such as cap layer cutting, perforating, drilling, and surface etching, it is by no means surprising that the demand for UV laser systems in the market has grown rapidly in recent years. Meet the needs of the trend    Flexible circuit designers benefit from UV laser technology and can explore precise and arbitrary designs. Since innovation is no longer limited by technology, it can break through the shape and size of traditional circuits.  Due to the narrow and clean cuts processed by the UV laser system, the circuit components can be placed closer to each other and closer to the edge of the circuit. In addition, UV laser cutting can ensure a larger mounting density and reduce the bridge space between circuits, which has greater potential for the development of circuit boards. With the advent of ultraviolet laser cutting, the cutting of flexible circuits has become easier. In addition to the diversification of applications, the stress on the board is reduced, the width of the cut is narrow, and the processing is precise, so UV laser cutting has become the right choice for flexible cutting solutions. (The above is edited and compiled from the network by fiber laser cutting machine, see www.gnlaser.com for details)
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