Application of laser processing technology in sheet metal processing industry

by:Caodahai     2021-09-28
Sheet metal processing and sheet metal forming are two important industries in our lives. Almost all metal manufacturing will be used for sheet metal processing. The market for sheet metal processing machinery and equipment is very large. Since 2005, the sheet metal industry has developed momentum. Very fast, the market share and the position of the components are becoming more important, not only bringing huge economic benefits to our business, but also bringing the convenience of our residents to life. The demand for production capacity accelerates the rapid development of the sheet metal industry. China is a manufacturing industry. Many foreign companies, especially large exporters, have invested in China. Scientific progress in metal surface treatment capabilities has continued to expand. The chassis and cabinets belong to the metal processing industry. Electronic control boxes When the metal box is a sheet metal workpiece, the surrounding sheet metal processing needs change. Profits are rising, sheet metal processing is a relatively high labor demand, while stamping can reach about 30%-50%, laser cutting can be achieved, and it is only used for sheet metal processing account processing about 25%, but as the market progresses, I believe More and more market share will be occupied by sheet metal processing. At present, our CNC laser cutting technology has begun to take shape, equipment, the most advanced laser cutting machine applications, and assistance with sheet metal processing, will become the key to strengthen the domestic automotive industry's technical level of laser cutting technology, as well as comprehensive Progress and the development of the sheet metal industry, the development, manufacture of auto parts and auto body mold manufacturing is the application of laser cutting, laser cutting and sheet metal processing, new technologies, new technologies have become valuable assets of manufacturers. 1. Laser cutting Laser cutting has good cutting effect and accuracy, and the operation is very simple. It has more obvious advantages than machine cutting, such as fast cutting speed, narrow slit, small heat-affected zone of cut finish deformation, and efficiency With high characteristics, cutting is not only the two-dimensional plane cutting defined above, but also the development of three-dimensional cutting.  2. Laser welding    laser welding equipment and other casting welding, laser welding, automatic weight reduction, and a high level of quality and safety performance, and the application of sheet metal processing technology, has become the current domestic automotive body processing technology. 3. In addition to laser drilling for small diameter circular holes, laser drilling is also suitable for larger diameter circular holes with a diameter of less than 0.2mm and a depth of 7 mm. Hole processing can be performed in some companies that are more well-known for laser drilling. completely.   With the continuous development of sheet metal processing, laser processing equipment is becoming more and more obvious, especially the increasing demand for high-power laser cutting equipment.
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