Application of laser cutting machine on Haige school bus

by:Caodahai     2021-08-28
It is understood that the Longju professional school bus that can be driven by Haige B license is currently the leading light passenger special school bus launched by the domestic large and medium bus industry. It is based on the national standards for school buses, and in some places it is even higher than the national standards. It adheres to the consistent safety propositions of Haiger Bus, and follows the intelligent safety design concept of Haiger professional school buses. It is equipped with a number of safety equipment on the classic European and American MPV body, and the appearance is small and handsome. , Streamlined body shape, wide and thick bumper shape, using all-metal stamping front and rear panels, compared to other brands of school buses using glass fiber reinforced plastic, the safety performance has been greatly improved. The Hager B license can drive a school bus with a body length of 5.9 meters, a width of 2.1 meters, and a height of 2.5 meters. It can carry 16 young children and one caregiver with excellent passability. In the manufacturing process of Longju school bus, the industry-leading sixteen process electrophoresis line of the whole vehicle can ensure that the school bus will not rust for ten years. The use of advanced equipment such as laser cutting machine and robot welding, as well as the rigorous and advanced technology of Haige, Let school bus manufacturing avoid human factors and have a higher degree of safety. Coupled with the school bus version of the G-BOS smart operation system, the administrator can easily understand the operation of the school bus, the driving situation of the driver, and the riding situation of the school bus by just sitting in front of the computer, effectively helping most school buses without professional operation and management experience The management unit manages school bus operations with the help of science and technology. Make driver management professional and effective, and school bus operation safe and efficient.
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