Application of laser cutting machine laser cutting technology in stamping industry

by:Caodahai     2021-08-27
(1) Application of laser cutting machine: The laser cutting machine is mainly used to replace punching and blanking dies and trimming punching dies, so as to save 1 pair of punching and blanking dies on the mold and save on the drawing dies. 2 auxiliary trimming and punching dies, under special circumstances, if there are corner cutting dies and blanking dies, it can also be saved.  Laser cutting generally can cut cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel plates with a thickness of 0.1~16.0mm, copper, steel plate, paper, wood, cloth, etc. The general tolerance is within ±0.1mm. It is simple and convenient to make a brace, quick to replace, low pollution, relatively low production cost, fast programming and correction procedures, easy to change the hole deviation and large hole in the later period, and there is generally no burr in the trimming process. Since the program can be used repeatedly, the laser cutting machine can be changed and continued to run through programming, which is relatively low-demand. The program can be adjusted according to production needs and quality requirements to achieve the operating speed of the laser cutting head.  (2) The way to improve the efficiency of the laser cutting program. The code G04X can be used repeatedly in laser cutting. This program is to ensure that the cutting machine can ensure that after the program is run, it will pause for a set time and then run the program again for cutting. As a laser cutting machine operator, you can use this pause set time to perform upper and lower process parts and prepare for the next part cutting. This code can greatly improve the efficiency of the cutting process. Sometimes you can cut the same parts repeatedly by calling subroutines.  Sometimes, it is also possible to program or array operation to perform blanking after program graphics mirroring, so that a sheet of material can be blanked continuously, improving the running program. In short, the cutting efficiency and quality of laser cutting can be improved by optimizing programming and other means, thereby improving the quality of stamping parts.  (3) Precautions for cutting complex shapes.  Before running a complicated program, you need to make a special brace, and confirm that the brace is placed smoothly, and then perform a teaching program to correct the angle of the laser cutting head, commonly known as the pull angle. The turning angle is related to the cutting quality of the later stamping parts. Pay attention to the following points:   a. Try to ensure that the angle is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece, and ensure that there is no interference between the workpiece and the cutting head; the angle transition is natural;   b. Different workpiece surfaces are cut differently Conditions to ensure cutting quality:    uses different cutting conditions and laser power, and the effects of the cut parts are different. Therefore, operators and programmers must use different cutting conditions for different parts. Generally speaking, a lower cutting speed and lower cutting power should be used for curved surface shapes and sharply changing profiles, and higher power and faster cutting speeds can be used for flat profiles. The proper cutting speed can be ensured to ensure that the positioning of the workpiece does not shake and the workpiece after cutting does not produce errors. If a higher cutting speed is used, it is possible to ensure the circle deformation after cutting.  C. Ensure that the parts are placed on the brace stably, and that the brace and the positioning of the parts do not shake.  (4) The benefits of laser cutting. The advantages of    laser cutting machine instead of trimming blanking die and punching blanking die are: convenient hole position adjustment and faster hole diameter. Changing the punching position of the mold requires re-punching and replacing the die sleeve; the mold space and punch layout need to be considered; the distance from the hole to the edge and whether the mold strength is satisfied; the process of punching the hole needs to be considered to meet the requirements The definition of the product is required; the cutting hole can be cut after the stretching sequence, or after the shaping sequence, only the program needs to be adjusted. In contrast, the labor intensity of the mold fitter is reduced, and the operation is simple. (5) The laser cutting machine can be used for mold maintenance.  Laser cutting characteristics: every cut is small and has little effect on the deformation of the workpiece.   When confirming the rebound of the part, the traditional technology directly on the inspection tool is not conducive to determining the gaps that cannot be detected. At this time, you can use a laser cutting machine to measure the gap after cutting these parts, and then confirm the amount of rebound. If flame cutting is used, the deformation of the workpiece is relatively large, which is not conducive to the judgment of rebound, as follows: ①Rebound gap value detected after the first cutting; ②Rebound gap value detected after the second cutting; ③Detected after the second cut The rebound clearance value. (6) The cost and disadvantages of laser cutting.   The laser cutting machine itself has high precision requirements and high requirements for equipment maintenance. In particular, the lens of the cutting head should be maintained frequently, otherwise it will be easy to damage the lens; it is required to change the water regularly, and only distilled water is required; the purity of the gas used is relatively high, and the humidity is relatively high. In addition, the laser cutting machine requires higher skills for the operator, requiring a certain degree of English reading ability, computer operation ability and numerical control operation ability, and a certain basic knowledge of stamping; compared with larger stamping parts, it must be used as a support. Requires production and maintenance; strong dependence on the skills of the personnel during the operation, otherwise the stamping parts are prone to slagging, burns, etc. (Please indicate the source for reprinting!)
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