Application of laser 3D printing in aviation and other fields

by:Caodahai     2021-09-01
Laser rapid prototyping is a relatively mature advanced manufacturing method. Laser rapid prototyping is a type of 3D printing manufacturing. It uses computer-simulated slicing technology to gradually use high-energy laser beams to melt powders sent to the molten pool, such as metals, ceramics, and plastics. , Sand, etc., so as to gradually accumulate parts and components of a certain shape. The point of image is to first use computer slicing to divide the parts into layer by layer, and then use a process similar to 'cross-stitching, pile up with laser and metal powder bit by bit, and finally layer by layer.   Because this technology turns multi-dimensional manufacturing into simple bottom-up two-dimensional superposition, it greatly reduces the complexity of design and manufacturing, and it can even manufacture strange structures that cannot be processed by traditional methods, such as enclosed internal cavities and multi-layer nesting. Etc.   Rapid manufacturing technology has unique advantages and characteristics compared with traditional processes.   One, breaks through the limitations of traditional removal processing methods, does not require parts blanks and large forging, casting equipment and molds, and can realize the integration of material preparation and forming , Significantly shorten the part manufacturing cycle, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve material utilization;    2. Parts of different materials can be manufactured on the same production system, with a wide range of material and design adaptability;    3. The entire production process is digitalized, which is convenient Through the adjustment and control of materials and processes, the integrated manufacturing of multiple materials on the same part is realized to meet the different performance needs of different parts of the part;    Four. Due to the non-contact processing method, there are no problems such as tool replacement and wear. , No cutting noise, vibration, waste water, waste, etc., in line with the modern green manufacturing concept.   The idea of u200bu200brapid manufacturing was born in the 1980s. In 1992, the American DTM company (now incorporated into the American 3DSystems company) successfully developed the world's first one Laser rapid manufacturing equipment using powder materials. Manufacturing companies in the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries use it for rapid manufacturing of wax and sand molds, which greatly improves the technical level of traditional casting processes.
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