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by:Caodahai     2019-12-15
The booming beauty industry in the Bay Area has brought beauty therapist Katie Mead to Tauranga to open her own clinic.
The beauty clinic, which opens in two weeks at the Bayfair Mall, will offer affordable beauty and rejuvenation treatments at a lower price than the Bay currently has, including lasers, skin treatments and injections, Mead said.
\"We can afford it, but, given that we are a franchise, it means we don\'t sacrifice quality.
Instead, we can use all the latest equipment and tools that independent clinics may not be able to provide.
\"There are 10 therapist staff members, including two nurses, who manage injection drugs such as Dysport (
Injection products similar to Botox)
Mead said her team will receive extensive training in all aspects of the business and will attend annual training sessions to learn about industry best practices.
\"Unfortunately, in New Zealand, there are vague regulations in the beauty industry, and even in treatments such as lasers, which involve tools that require care and knowledge management.
The international network of beauty clinics opened its first location in Queensland, complying with Australia\'s strictest regulations, and I am pleased to say that the New Zealand clinic complies with the same strict agreements and regulations.
\"Mead itself is a therapist with seven years of experience who has taught at the Oakland beauty treatment school for two years.
She is one of New Zealand\'s first ever teams of beauty clinics to open in Sylvia Park, where she spent two years moving towards management.
Now she is fulfilling her dream of having her own clinic.
One of the most popular treatments for beauty clinics is laser hair removal, and given the beach culture, Mead expects laser hair removal to take off in the Bay.
This is a very affordable method of hair removal, she said.
\"Especially if you are a person who has been waxing all the year round, the laser is actually cheaper than waxing.
After 6 to 12 treatments, the hair was permanently removed or at least 95 was removed, Mead said.
\"While this may fluctuate in some areas due to hormonal changes, we usually find that after the initial meeting, people only need one meeting a year to maintain this state.
Waxing is no more painful than waxing, Mead said.
\"We have two medical-grade lasers with different settings, and the therapist uses cool air to calm the skin that is being laser-irradiated and always works to the level you are satisfied.
\"While the legs and underarms are the most popular areas, more women are removing bikini hair.
\"The laser is also suitable for this area --
In fact, anywhere you want your hair removed.
\"Other popular treatment options at the clinic include leather fillers similar to those of the Dysport and lips of Botox, as well as any other place where the volume of aging skin is lost.
With age, these treatments are becoming more and more popular, Mead said.
\"There are some young people who may want to adjust a little, and there are women in their 30 s who want to eliminate wrinkles.
The clinic will provide people with a niche that can afford these treatments, or they will be treated as luxury, Mead said.
The Dysport unit is only $6.
$50 per piece, Juvederm lip filler starts at $499.
In addition to the affordable price, the clinic offers services and people are welcome to walk into the clinic to ask what treatment is appropriate, Mead said.
Free Consultation is provided at the clinic.
\"Because we\'re in the mall, it\'s easy to take advantage of our quick and effective treatment when you\'re out shopping.
\"What is laser hair removal?
A permanent depilation treatment to eradicate hair growth by targeting the roots of the hair or blood flowing to the roots, depending on your skin tone.
Once a hair SAC has been successfully processed, the hair will no longer grow from it.
How does it work?
Qualified technicians aim at the roots or blood supply using a concentrated beam.
This light is absorbed by pigments, destroying follicles and making it unable to grow hair.
This will lead to long term
Sustained reduction in hair growth in treatment areas.
Laser hair removal can lead to permanent hair removal.
The hair will never come back in some people (
Although everyone is different, the results are different). Does it hurt?
This may be uncomfortable, but not \"painful \".
After treatment, the skin may be a little red, like a slight sunburn, but the situation will soon pass.
During laser treatment, technicians use cold air to reduce discomfort.
How much treatment is needed?
Laser hair removal is aimed at hair in the growth stage and hair grows in \"circulation\", so most customers need 6 treatments to 12 treatments, 4-
Reach the desired hair 6 weeks apartfree result. .
Will it work with my skin color?
The beauty clinic has multiple laser machines that treat a wide range of hair types and skin tones.
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