Analysis of Wuhan High Energy Laser's Structure of Laser Cutting Machine

by:Caodahai     2021-09-02
Many people can think that laser cutting machine must be a very high-tech product when they hear about it. They think that the internal structure of laser cutting machine is very complicated. So what is the structure of the laser cutting machine? Let's follow the technical staff of Wuhan High Energy Laser to see what the structure of the laser cutting machine is.   Although we only think the laser cutting machine looks very complicated from the appearance, it is not the case. The laser cutting machine is only composed of three parts. However, these three parts are very important and can be said to be indispensable.   The first thing is to use a laser generator. This kind of laser generator is mainly used for the exchange between light and electricity, so this kind of laser generator plays an important role. However, because the cutting machine has relatively high requirements for the beam, not all laser generators can be used for cutting.   The second part is cutting machine tools. In fact, not only this kind of cutting machine, but some other cutting machines also have cutting machine tools. The machine tool of this kind of cutting machine generally has a beam transmission system, as well as a worktable and a numerical control system.   The third part is a five-axis machine and a laser punching machine. It is mainly used for cutting. The above is the analysis of the structure of the laser cutting machine by Wuhan High Energy Laser. After the introduction, everyone has a certain understanding of the structure of the laser cutting machine. Although the laser cutting machine is only composed of three parts, the three parts are ring-shaped. The buckle is indispensable and forms a whole laser cutting machine.
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