Analysis of the advantages of laser projection light source modules

by:Caodahai     2021-09-27
The laser light source adopts a modular design, similar to the mechanism of our common LED lighting equipment. The advantages of this structure:   1, parallel connection, reliable use. If there are 3 rows of 3×4 installed, the diodes in the first row will fail, and there will be no embarrassment that they cannot be used at all; the lower 2 rows of diodes can work normally, although the overall brightness is reduced, they can still work normally.  2, special module structure, easy to split. For manufacturers, it is relatively simple to improve the brightness of civilian-level projectors, and only need to install more laser diodes.  3, safety is improved. If the ultra-high pressure mercury lamp fails, the lamp may explode, and there is a certain safety hazard. The laser light source, solid-state mechanism design, will be melted down when unstable or overheated, and the power will be cut off by itself, which completely avoids hidden dangers.   The mechanism, material and circuit of laser light source technology have certain advantages over traditional light sources, but what everyone is most concerned about is the service life and power consumption of the light source.   Compared with the traditional light source, the power consumption of the pure laser light source is greatly reduced, and the energy saving effect is obvious. Taking the BenQ LX61ST as an example, the power consumption in the normal mode is only 187 watts, while the power consumption in the energy-saving mode is only 101 watts, which is comparable to the power consumption of the LED light source.  Although mainstream business projectors support zero-second shutdown technology, there is still a certain difference from laser projectors. Traditional light source models can be shut down in zero seconds when shutting down, but there is at least 1 minute of warm-up time when turning on, while the laser light source only needs 2 or 3 seconds. The characteristics of the laser light source in the switch machine are very similar to the LED light source.   It is undeniable that all light-emitting devices generate heat, and heat is the fatal source of reduced service life. At this stage, BenQ's laser light source can reach a service life of 10,000 hours in normal mode, and a service life of 20,000 hours in energy-saving mode. According to the official data provided by BenQ, the laser light source only begins to have a significant brightness attenuation after 5000 hours, and the brightness will attenuate by 40% after 14,000 hours, but there is still nearly 60% of the brightness that can be used normally. Compared with the 2000 lumens bulb of the traditional light source, the energy-saving mode has a limit life of 6000 hours, and the advantages of laser technology are very prominent.  As a projection light source, laser technology is the future development trend, but it is also a fact that LEDs cannot be completely replaced in the short term. However, with the development of technology, laser light sources will become popular in the projection industry, which will inevitably trigger a revolution in display technology and will completely subvert the traditional display field.
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