Advantages and introduction of sheet laser cutting system

by:Caodahai     2021-09-03
Laser cutting is an expensive processing method. Among the currently known cutting processing, the cost of laser consumption is the highest, and the advantages of laser processing reflect high efficiency and quality, so improving cutting efficiency and product quality is reducing The most effective tool for laser processing costs. In the actual production process, engineers must strictly control the processing technology of the cutting machine tool. The key to the process is the material and processing trajectory. When the material is fixed, the processing trajectory is the best way to save time and improve efficiency. The program can save processing time and improve the utilization of materials, thereby quickly reducing costs. The most important thing to get the best program is the following questions: First, how to use the smallest material as much as possible without increasing the processing time. The best method is to use the automatic arbitrary shape sample function to identify the real parts of individual parts. Then, arrange these parts as much as possible on the fixed size material. In this way, the high material cost can be saved a lot at once. For example, the JETCAM Expert CAD/CAM system commonly used in the sheet metal laser cutting industry uses the method of identifying the edges of the part graphics to define the parts, and then uses the automatic arbitrary sample function to automatically fill some small parts or irregular parts in some areas. , In order to save materials. Second, how to deal with the not-so-ideal CAD file DWG, DXF or IGES file provided by the customer after being transferred from a CAD system, it is often found that tiny gaps exist in the intersections and arcs, which are so small that they cannot be observed with the naked eye. To, or a large number of heavy lines, it is more difficult for people to detect, and these are a very troublesome problem for nesting, which needs a closed continuous geometric figure in order to automatically recognize its internal and external contours. At this point, when encountering this kind of problem, the JETCAM software will automatically clean up these files and remove unpleasant lines. Not only will there be no error gaps, but also the 'curve-chamfer' will be called u0026 rsquo; Function, greatly reduce the number of short lines to produce a relatively short program, reduce the cutting workload of the machine, and get a good processing effect.
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