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by:Caodahai     2020-08-13
So what you actually need is a procedure that will not just eliminate those layers of unwanted fats but will also tone your skin and help retain its firmness. And if you are looking for the latest innovative liposuction procedure available in town, Smart Lipo is the perfect choice. Smart Lipo offers you the cutting-edge Laser-Assisted Liposuction Procedure that uses several wavelengths of laser to eliminate your fat deposits resistant to work out and dietary supplements. There are three types of procedure that Smart Lipo offers depending on the type of liposuction that you needed or perhaps, wanted. Single-wavelength laser treatment Using the Smart Lipo Liposuction Machine built in Europe and FDA approved, the fat layers are removed using a single type of laser beam that liquefies fat tissues. But before the actual procedure, there are preparations made for the patient. Using surgical markers, the specific areas to be subjected in the procedure is marked to guide the machine. After injecting the anesthesia by an anesthesiologist, the machine then makes a very small incision in the skin where the laser emitting instrument enters. The laser then emits a specific wavelength of laser beam that liquefies the fat layers. Then, a drawing tube sucks in all the liquefied fats. After the operation, the patient is given two weeks to fully recover and return to work. The recovery period depends on the part subjected to liposuction and the intensity of the procedure. Two and three wavelengths laser treatment Using the Smart Lipo Multiplex, the variation in the laser wavelengths allows the fat deposits to melt faster and in a more specific area. The coagulation is also increased so bleeding and tissue ruptures are kept at the minimum. Also, the use of varying wavelengths stimulates the formation of collagen, a natural substance that rejuvenates the skin and keeps its firmness. The septa bands that cause the wrinkling of the skin are also destroyed by the combined laser wavelengths. This feature of the Smart Lipo Multiplex also enables patients to undergo High Definition Liposuction procedure. This procedure is very exclusive to qualified candidates and it results to chiseled appearance of muscles and muscle lines. The patients are required to have a specific weight relative with their ideal weight and their skin elasticity must also be above normal. Smart Lipo offers you these new and innovative liposuction techniques that guarantee visible lasting results minus the scars and other unsightly side effects caused by traditional liposuction methods. Smart Lipo got everything you need to finally achieve that figure you wish to have.
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