a honey hobby becomes a buzzing business

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The obsession of the disabled son gave birth to a prosperous family business. (
Small fortune enterprises)Lawrence, Kan. --
When Tony and Terri Schwager learned that their first child, Anthony, had epilepsy, they were worried that they were ill.
\"We can\'t help but think, \'What happens to Anthony as we move on? \' \" says Terri.
\"He is lovely, gentle and quiet.
We are afraid that someone will use him.
\"When Anthony\'s parents learned about him, he was 1 year old and it was the result of lack of oxygen at birth.
When they find out, they look for resources.
They had Anthony at a special event.
Education programs and the hiring of nursing staff to complement their efforts.
Tony, then the manager of Home Depot (Fortune 500 HD)
Go back to school and continue his career.
The couple ended up with three more children and started their daily life thanking them for their close relationshipknit family.
Tony found a job as a teacher in a local high school;
Terri received a degree in nursing and began to work.
\"A child with a disability. . .
\"When this happens, you realize it\'s not the end of the world,\" Tony said . \".
Still, they are worried about the future.
How will they take care of Anthony after retirement?
But to their surprise, Anthony found the answer himself.
Anthony was excited by a video he saw in the third grade, and he begged his parents to add bees to their little farm next to them for fun.
A year later, they gave in and eventually installed clear plastic tubes in his bedroom to accommodate the hive.
He is obsessed not only with bees, but also with honey.
He gained so much, and three years later he and his parents decided to try to sell at the farmers market in the city center.
They started to be small, at 1 feet-square table.
\"Everything fits my two-
\"The door of Honda Civic,\" said the caretaker, Alan gololun.
They are still doing business nine years later, shipping inventory
Including beeswax lipstick, lotion, candles and other honey products-
Tony\'s pickup truck and trailer are needed now.
One important reason for their success is Anthony, now 21.
He does math like the fourth.
When he was in high school, but when he showed a cheerful anth cellular logo at the booth, the customer responded. With a laid-
Back in the past, he approached passers-by as if sharing the news with his friends.
\"This honey is local and has no preservatives,\" he would explain with soft honey
Let them taste all the goods.
He also offered free candy lessons for those looking at charming kids who were eager to wrap their fingers around warm beeswax and roll it into a cylinder, like Anthony crouching down to show them.
With Anthony, there is nothing to sell;
Once attracted, his customers became fans.
\"Your raspberry lip balm is the best!
\"One afternoon late last summer, a woman at the market said to him.
Soon another customer left with four bottles of honey. lime-coconut lotion.
\"It\'s interesting to see how the industry has grown,\" said Carol Hampton . \" He has been shopping in Anthony\'s Hive since the early days.
She uses the brand not because she teaches three Schwager children at school, but because she likes the diversity of products.
\"They always try to make it fresh and interesting.
\"The growth of Anthony\'s hive has started very early.
After only a few years of selling honey, Schwagers began to think it was an opportunity for Anthony to feed himself with the help of his family.
But how does he grow his business and gain a place outside the farmer\'s market?
When Schwagers discovered a startup course, the answer came up --
Sponsored by the National Venture teaching Foundation (NFTE)
Young entrepreneurs in Kansas
In a local high school
Anthony\'s father signed him up and believes that when his parents are no longer working, the course will provide Anthony with the sales and marketing skills needed to maintain his business.
With the help of his father and his love for product development, Anthony had a dispute with his classmates.
His business plan
Shows how to add honeyand-
Beeswax lip balm will expand profits-
Award for best display. (
Unlike his competitors, he set up a work booth to sell lip gloss. )
He was also included in the list of best entrepreneurs for NFTE in 2005. Today the $1.
50 lip gloss of 20 flavors (
Thanks to Anthony for his experiment.
Is one of the company\'s most profitable products.
They also won valuable shelf space for Anthony hive at retailers including Walgreens (
Shake, top 500 in the world)
A small town that displays local products.
Area manager Mike Matt said he liked the taste and \"uniqueness\" of the brand and he put the product in front of the store.
The beauty collection also impressed other retailers.
\"I love this quality,\" said Diana Endicott, founder of the good family farm alliance and partner of the Kansas City area hen market.
\"They\'re always looking for a new product and figuring out how to make it better.
They are real entrepreneurs.
Anthony said: \"The idea of taste, just come to me.
\"He has been trying the ingredients in honey straws and lip gloss.
Some people don\'t work.
Marshmallow, chocolate and fruit drinks on the shelves
Many people do this, including blueberry muffins and lemonade.
He introduces about six new flavors every season to keep customers interested.
Tony says it is this series of low-cost options that will help family businesses compete with the best-known bee, Bert bee.
Inspire Brands across the country.
Today, Anthony\'s hive products, like tents, occupy a 8 feet-long table and gain online followers in Antoine\'s hive. com.
When a $3,500 honeystraw-
It turned out that the filling machine was too difficult to operate and Tony invented a simpler model --
Goldrish 500
Last year, 25 of the $600 machines were sold online.
The device caught the attention of a former government official in Malawi who bought it to stimulate business in his area. (
Since then, Schwagers has developed a more efficient foot
Operated version for $900. )
Total sales of all of Anthony\'s hive products, from the market, online and retail, doubled to $65,000 in 2007.
It has been profitable since 2002.
Tony quit his teaching job last year and focused on the company. time.
Anthony\'s sister, 15-year-old Maria, 19-year-old Brandon brothers and 17-year-old Adam, helped $15 an hour.
Anthony earned 10% of the farmer\'s market profit and was eager to see the company grow.
\"I want to go to more shops,\" he said . \"
He might be from C-
Tran is a transition program to teach the skills of adults with disabilities (
Such as cooking and cleaning)
Necessary conditions for Independent Living
When this happens, Schwagers wants to involve him in the sales call and give him more responsibility.
They also hope that there will eventually be a sibling management company and that the business will be successful enough to ensure the future of their children, especially Anthony\'s children.
\"It\'s a hobby that\'s out of control,\" Tony explains . \".
He thanked his lucky star for this.
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