a fight against plastic, in the shade of ‘bag tree’

by:Caodahai     2019-12-16
The driver couldn\'t help but stop and watch this little scene.
Next to Saphalyam resume Palayam on Tuesday morning in Trivan.
A slightly curved tree with no shade of green, but string it up completely in a newspaper bag, named \"bag tree\" patch-
Read the banner for \"thanal.
The environmental research organization distributed 3,000 paper bags at busy intersections, hoping that more people would take responsibility and say \"no\" to plastic bags, which are a form of plastic that is easy to replace, according to them.
In accordance with the provisions of the global day of action, September 25 was selected as the organization of the programme.
The bag tree initiative was supported by the resources and training team Kovalam zero waste center.
According to S. , executive director of Thanal, the initiative has some positive aspects because it is good for the environment, economically beneficial, and also helps to build a healthier societyUsha.
\"It may take months, but now is the time for society to change its habits and mentality --
\"Develop and constrain yourself to use these alternatives,\" she said . \".
She said that organizations such as residents\' and residents\' associations should actively promote such alternatives after the city faces a waste management crisis.
Statics, she says, shows that nearly 560 plastic handbags are used and processed by each household each year, and about 370 are processed each year.
The event started by handing over a pile of paper bags to a fruit vendor at the intersection.
The volunteers also distributed brochures.
Brochure on \"pot\"
By Shibu K.
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