3D printing titanium alloy is not easy

by:Caodahai     2021-08-22
This 3D printing technology called 'Laser Additive Manufacturing' uses lasers to melt metal powder and can 'print products of almost any shape.' Its biggest feature is that the material used is metal, 'printed products have extremely high mechanical properties, which can meet the needs of different industries such as aerospace, molds, automobiles, medicine, dentistry, and handicrafts.   3D printing technology can be traced back to In 1984, Charles Hull first developed the technology to print 3D objects from digital data and developed the first commercial 3D printing machine two years later. Subsequently, the basic technology and specifications were continuously improved throughout the 1990s, and in the 21st century Titanium is a material whose density is only half that of steel, but is far stronger than most alloys. It is widely used in the aerospace industry. The United States was the first country to develop titanium alloy 3D printing technology. In 1985, Under the leadership of the Department of Defense, the United States secretly began research on titanium alloy laser forming technology, and it was made public in 1992. Subsequently, the United States continued to develop this technology, and in 2002, laser-formed titanium alloy parts were mounted on fighter plane tests. However. Because the technical problems of titanium alloy deformation and fracture cannot be solved during the manufacturing process, the United States has never been able to produce high-strength, large-size laser forming titanium alloy components. In 2005, Aeromet, a US commercial company engaged in titanium alloy laser forming manufacturing business, has always been It is impossible to produce large-size complex titanium alloy components with performance that meets the requirements of the main bearing capacity, and fails to achieve valuable market applications. Other national laboratories in the United States cannot overcome this problem. Currently, only small-size titanium alloy components can be processed Printing and surface repair of titanium alloy parts.
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