3D printing the future

by:Caodahai     2021-08-22
In traditional manufacturing, the more complex products that need to be changed, the higher the cost. But in digital manufacturing, all this is changing. Making personalized products does not cost more and makes it simple to make products more diverse, complex and flexible, because only the model parameters need to be changed, and another desired product will appear. The 3D printing technology in the United States started early. At present, this technology has been industrialized in the United States. At present, the two global 3D printer manufacturing giants, Stratasys and 3D Systems, are both listed on the Nasdaq in the United States, hoping to make 3D printing The technology is extended to new areas that have not been involved in the past. Other countries have also stepped up the pace of research on 3D printing technology and achieved great results. However, it should be pointed out that 3D printers are not universal machines'. There are various problems at present, including expensive printers, few raw materials that can be produced, low quality of output products, high production costs, and narrow application areas, which make 3D printing It is still in an early stage of development. However, the industry is full of expectations for its future development.
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