3D printing has a promising future

by:Caodahai     2021-08-22
The process of 3D printing technology is long, but its application prospects are considerable.   Judging from the annual report released by the Consumer Electronics Association of America, in the current 3D printing market, consumer goods and electronics account for about 20.3%, motor vehicles account for 19.5%, and medical and dental industries account for 15.1%. They expect that with the continued growth of market demand for automobiles, aerospace, and healthcare, the market size will reach US$5 billion by 2017.   Among them, the application in medicine is eye-catching, because the materials in this area are more difficult to make and the cost is higher. In laboratory tests, the new bone replacement printing material has been proven to support the growth of human bone cells, and its effectiveness has also been verified in mice and rabbits. In the next few years, better quality bone substitutes will be printed to help surgeons use them for clinical use.  3D printers can do much more than that. In the advanced aviation and automobile manufacturing industries, 3D printing has become more and more popular; with 3D printers, laser sintering can be used to directly manufacture complex plastic, metal and alloy components, instead of the troublesome process of making many different components. Go to assemble it.  Because of the wide application and prospects of 3D printing, the government has also begun to pay attention to this industry and actively participate in it. On December 16, 2012, at the 2012 International Forum on Additive Manufacturing Technology and the Sixth National Additive Manufacturing Technology (ie 3D Printingu0026rdquo;) Academic Conference held in Wuhan, Su Bo, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the top level should be strengthened in the near future. Design and overall planning. Organize the research and formulation of the additive manufacturing technology roadmap, the medium and long-term development strategy of additive manufacturing, promote the improvement of additive manufacturing technical specifications and standard formulation, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.  The promotion of the policy has made the industry very excited, and its market scale expectations are constantly refreshing. The 3D printing concept stocks in the A-share market have reappeared in the blowout market, and they have strong daily limits. At the same time, the enthusiasm of overseas markets is not diminishing. According to a research report recently released by Essence Securities, since 2012, the share price of Stratasys, the world's two 3D printer manufacturing giants, has doubled, and 3D Systems' share price has increased nearly twice.   More and more people have predicted that 3D printing technology will be one of the important technologies that set off the third industrial revolution. The increasingly popular 3D printer may still enjoy the scenery for some time, but whether and when it will truly change the world is still unknown. (The above is edited and reproduced from the Internet by the metal laser cutting machine, please indicate the source!)
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