3D printed 'Crystal Ball' speaker unveiled, which can change colors with music

by:Caodahai     2021-08-22
According to news on April 12, 3D printing technology is a very hot topic nowadays. Although this technology is relatively in its infancy at present, many people are already using their 3D printing equipment (such as MakerBot Replicator and Form 1 produced by Formlab) to realize their digital works into real usable ones. object. Evan Atherton, an engineer from the famous CAD software company Autodesk, had the opportunity to use a more powerful (and of course more expensive) 3D printer-Objet Connex 500 to print Objects. In a design exercise, he decided to use this 3D printer to make a finished product. Perhaps some readers already know that 3D printers are generally used to quickly make product models, not for finished product production. But Evan Arthur Not only did Dayton use this expensive 3D printer Objet Connex 500 to make a finished product that can be used immediately, but it is also a very exquisite product that can be sold in the store immediately. This is a pair of spherical speakers Its interior and base are made of rubber, and the surface is inlaid with many RGB LED strips. With the beat of the music, the LED will change the color of the light, creating a dreamy effect. So how is this masterpiece made? What? First of all, this expensive 3D printer Objet Connex 500 is different from ordinary 3D printers. A slightly lower-priced 3D printer can only produce objects of the same material, while Objet Connex 500 has a seamless combination of two materials. The ability to create objects. This allowed Evan Atherton to use it to combine flexible rubber and hard plastic to print a pair of speaker enclosures shaped like crystal balls. Then he installed those RGB LED strips. , These light bars are controlled by a modified LumiGeek (LumiGeek is a manufacturer that produces and sells LED products-translator's note.) microprocessor control, so that it can instantly change the color of the light with the melody played. LumiGeek also provides The supporting program allows users to more precisely customize the color of the light according to their preferences. Not only the 3D printer used is very expensive, but the speaker itself is also expensive. The materials used for 3D printing cost 2,000 US dollars ( Approximately RMB 12,407), plus 60 hours of manual labor and machine processing. At present, the producer has no plans to sell this speaker, but the incubation platform Kickstart is already supporting LumiGeek to give their microprocessors plus audio files. Come to produce video output, I believe it will be available soon. (The above is edited by laser cutting machine, see www.gnlaser.com for details)
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