2014 Laser Cutting Machine Brand Ranking

by:Caodahai     2021-08-23
Laser cutting machine is an indispensable cutting equipment for modern industrial processing. There are countless large and small laser cutting machine brands in the country, but there are not many laser cutting machine brands that are worthy of everyone's trust and recognition. Wuhan High Energy Laser will give you a ranking introduction based on the popularity of laser cutting machines in the current market and customer feedback. Ranking of laser cutting machine brands in 2014; 1. German TRUMPF (TRUMPF) Speaking of Germany, everyone may be full of praise for German machinery manufacturing technology. TRUMPF is a world-renowned brand of laser cutting machines and a giant in the laser cutting machine industry. , In terms of equipment performance, not only the cutting speed is fast, but also the operation is stable and the cutting effect is good. But the price is also very high. If the budget is high enough, you can consider this brand. 2. BYSTRONIC Switzerland Bystronic is the second largest manufacturer of laser cutting machines after TRUMPF Germany, and is as well-known globally as TRUMPF Germany. Third, Japan Tanaka (TANAKA), Koike (KOIKE) Although Japan is an island country, it is still relatively strong in science and technology. It is not only on par with Germany in automobile manufacturing, but also in laser cutting machines. Japanese laser equipment is mainly gantry-type large-format laser cutting machine, which is a product developed on the basis of gantry-type flame cutting machine and CNC plasma cutting machine. 4. Compared with foreign countries, Han’s Laser is not lagging behind in China’s technology. Han’s Laser is a leader in China’s laser industry. It currently has a number of international invention patents, domestic patents, and computer software copyrights. Many core technologies are at the international leading level. One of the few companies in the world with 'ultraviolet laser patents' 5. Chutian Laser Wuhan Chutian is a key laser research and development enterprise supported by the state. It is located in the central city of Wuhan Optics Valley. It has developed rapidly in recent years. , Has a very good achievement in high-power laser cutting machine and 3D laser printer. 6. Wuhan High Energy Laser (GNLASER) Wuhan is a manufacturing center for laser cutting machines. There are many laser cutting machine manufacturers, and Wuhan High Energy Laser is the most powerful one among them. Since entering the laser equipment industry in 1999, High Energy Laser has been working hard to make equipment, learn the technology of European and American powers, and apply it to practice, and it is not lagging behind in independent research and development, and a variety of equipment is exported abroad. The domestic metal laser cutting machine sales market has been leading the country. 7. Unite Prima Laser Unite Prima is a laser cutting machine manufacturer in Shanghai. Their laser cutting machines are also very good, mainly because they have advantages in high-power laser cutting machines. The product specifications are complete, but the price is relatively high. Higher. 8. Dahan Laser As a Guangdong laser cutting machine manufacturer established in 2003, the development in recent years is also very good, and it already has an integrated enterprise of production, research and development, and sales. Their products are pretty good in metal laser cutting machines, CNC laser cutting machines, and laser engraving machines. This ranking is only the personal opinion of Wuhan High Energy Laser. Whether the quality of the laser cutting machine is good or not, you need to personally visit the site for on-site inspection. Wuhan High Energy Laser welcomes all customers who need to purchase a laser cutting machine to visit. For the specific address and contact information, please refer to the official website of Wuhan Gaoneng Laser http://www.gnlaser.com/ or consult customer service personnel.
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