10 characteristics of laser processing and laser processing

by:Caodahai     2021-09-28
Laser processing is currently the most advanced processing technology. It mainly uses high-efficiency lasers to engrave and cut materials. The main equipment includes computers and laser cutting (engraving) machines. The process of using laser cutting and engraving is very simple, just like using a computer and The printer prints on paper. After using a variety of graphics processing software (CAD, CorelDraw, etc.) for graphic design, the graphics are transferred to the laser cutting (engraving) machine, and the laser cutting (engraving) machine can easily cut (engrave) the graphics. ) To the surface of any material, and cut the edge according to the design requirements. As the field of laser processing expands, there are more and more terms for laser processing, such as: laser marking processing, laser engraving processing, laser laser processing, laser cutting processing, laser welding processing...General laser processing can be divided into For marking on all metallic materials and all non-metallic materials, laser marking processing is generally a galvanometer type laser head. Its advantages are: fast speed and high precision. Generally, laser engraving processing is stepping motor type, which is relatively speaking. The speed and accuracy are worse. But now there is also a type with galvanometer, which uses a stepper motor to move the format, so large-format CO2 laser engraving machine processing appears. It uses the combination of YAG laser marking machine and CO2 laser engraving machine. With all the advantages, the only disadvantage is the inability to engrave metal materials. Ten characteristics of laser processing (1) The use of a precision workbench can be used for fine micromachining. (2) Use a microscope or camera system to observe or monitor the condition of the processed surface. (3) It can pass through light-transmitting materials (such as quartz, glass) to process its internal parts. (4) It can process most metal or non-metal materials. (5) The laser beam is very thin, so that the consumption of the processed material is small. (6) During laser processing, X-rays will not be generated like electron beam bombardment and other processing methods, and will not be interfered by electric and magnetic fields. (7) The line width of these marks can be as small as 12mm, and the line depth can be up to 10mm or less, so it can mark the surface of parts with dimensions in millimeters. (8) The laser is processed with non-mechanical 'toolsFor Nd: YAG laser, it is also possible to use fiber optic light guide system) to focus the beam on the inner surface or inclined surface of the workpiece for processing. (10) Simple operation, the use of computer numerical control technology can realize automatic processing, and can be used for parts on the production line High-speed and high-efficiency processing can be used as part of a flexible processing system.
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